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Catalina Bay in the Hobsonville Point Development is currently being transformed into a pedestrian-friendly space on the waterfront. With high public amenity, Hobsonville Point will establish itself as the major transport hub, connecting this community.

People are at the centre of this 2.5 hectare development, with improvements set to make the space safer and more inviting for all.
Piritahi’s job is to prepare the land in Catalina Bay for this exciting redevelopment of public and private space. We’re constructing and upgrading drainage and other infrastructure; enabling further subdivision and development of roads, esplanades, residential and commercial buildings.
The Hobsonville Point Development is a Kāinga Ora project.
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Hobsonville Point website.
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Catalina Bay

Projects Underway

  • Construction on Farmers Market and the old Yacht Club will be commencing in April 2023.

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