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Piritahi streamlines land development, laying the groundwork for neighbourhoods that are better to live in and homes that are more affordable.

About Piritahi

Piritahi specialises in land development. We get government-owned land ready to build new homes on. We also design and construct new or upgraded infrastructure, parks and public spaces.

Piritahi enables more homes – both state and private – to be built faster for New Zealanders.

what we do

Piritahi prepares land for development and delivers new and upgraded infrastructure and amenity on behalf of Kāinga Ora - Homes and Communities. We're working within Kāinga Ora’s large-scale urban development areas where state-owned land is being better utilised for new warm, dry, healthy homes. We also design and construct new or upgraded infrastructure, parks and public spaces.

Our responsibilities include detailed civil design and construction; the removal of old state houses no longer fit for purpose; land remediation; arranging consents related to earthworks and infrastructure; construction of roads, parks and utilities, and looking after the communities we’re working in as we go.

Why Piritahi?

Land is a big component of the cost of housing. Piritahi was formed to bring together industry experts to focus on streamlining land development. We're combining our skills and experience to free up constraints around building and help make housing more affordable.

We also care about delivering high quality infrastructure and public amenity that raises residents' standard of living, helping to create neighbourhoods in which communities can thrive.

Who We Are

Piritahi is an alliance of companies formed to speed up the supply of build-ready land. We're working on the large-scale developments in Auckland overseen by Kāinga Ora - Homes and Communities.

Kāinga Ora's urban development team masterplans the developments Piritahi is helping to deliver, and is both a member of the alliance and its sole client.

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