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The Roskill Development will see 10,000 new terraced and apartment homes delivered to the Roskill community over the next 10-15 years. These new homes will be a mix of state, market and more affordable homes that are warmer, drier and healthier to live in. Piritahi’s job is to prepare the land in Roskill to build and live on, enabling more homes to be built faster. We’re also designing and constructing new and upgraded infrastructure, parks and public spaces to create a safer, greener and more connected Roskill.
The Roskill Development is a Kāinga Ora — Urban Development project. For more information, head to the Roskill Development website.
The Roskill Development is separated into neighbourhoods.
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Projects Underway

  • Stormwater and sewer line upgrades continue across the neighbourhood. Traffic Management will be in place throughout this work to assist pedestrians and vehicles. From late October, further road closures will be in place and some streets will be accessible by residents only.  
  • Streetscaping is underway and will involve the construction of kerbs and new roads.
  • Utility upgrades are scheduled to take place on Stewart Road from late October.
  • House removals are underway as part of Stage 2B of the development.

Roskill South

Projects Underway

  • Freeland reserve upgrades. During this work, the reserve will be closed to public access  
  • House removals are happening across the neighbourhood.
  • Roading construction on Vercoe St, Freeland Ave and Sanft Ave.
  • Stormwater and wastewater upgrade works.
  • Conversion works are happening across the neighbourhood. We are in the process of switching services to connect to the new underground lines.


Projects Underway

  • Our teams are currently undertaking site investigations to better understand the current condition of the land and infrastructure in the area. This involves road surveys and inspections of the local stormwater and sewer networks.

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Please note that Piritahi can help while we are working in your area preparing the land for the house builders. Once the builders start please contact the company on site or Kāinga Ora's urban development team if you have a construction-related problem.