Ōwairaka Stormwater Project Update - November 2019

Stage B of construction of a stormwater network for Ōwairaka is under way.

Over the next five years, the Ōwairaka neighbourhood within the Roskill Development will deliver more affordable market homes and better-quality state homes to the community. However, the development isn’t just about building housing. It also includes significant upgrade investment to the underground infrastructure that supports the neighbourhood.

Ōwairaka has a combined stormwater and wastewater (sewage) network which was built in the 1950s. It is reaching the end of its design life and needs to be replaced. Piritahi will be separating the combined network by installing new stormwater pipes underground. To do this, we need to break and excavate the existing rock under the road which we'll do in two ways – with a hydraulic pick (jackhammer), and by using expanding grout to fracture the rock.

Hydraulic pick (jackhammer) used for rock breaking

Whilst the project will create some noise and vibration, we're committed to working with the community to minimise disruption and invite residents in the area to contact us with queries and feedback.

What’s happening?

Stage B of construction is under way on Hendon Avenue and Range View Road. Our team is working within the berm and roadway digging a large trench and excavating. This requires breaking the basalt rock beneath the surface which creates some noise and vibration. Traffic management is in place in this area.

Future stages will take place throughout the next approximately 18 months.

When is this happening?

Construction started on the 20th of November. Working hours are 7.30am - 6.30pm Monday to Friday, and 7.30am - 6pm on Saturdays. We'll take a break from December 19th, starting again on Monday 6th January.

Stage B works are happening in the areas depicted.

What will I notice?

Our team is currently working at two locations on Hendon Avenue and Range View Road. Whilst we do our best to minimise disruption, people in the area may experience noise and vibration during working hours. Traffic management is also in place under an approved plan. This involves some lane closures and stop/go controls.

We will keep the local community updated as works progress, and invite people to contact us with any questions. We thank the community in Ōwairaka for their patience as we undertake important infrastructure upgrades in the neighbourhood.

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For questions or queries about works happening in your area, please contact us on 0508 PIRITAHI or Ōwairaka@piritahi.nz