Our Women in Hi Vis: Daisy Wang

Daisy is one of our Quality Advisors and plays an important role in maintaining high standards in our day-to-day construction activities. You will often find her at one of our construction sites or in our head office working hard to keep our operating standards up to par. Daisy reckons she’s shy at first…but that once people get to know her they soon see how much she enjoys a laugh. Daisy professes she can both make and take a joke stating – “I’m not easily offended!”

Describe a typical day at Piritahi?

I get out on site to attend meetings, build teams’ understanding of quality control requirements, conduct systems training and perform quality assurance (QA) reviews. I also monitor requests for information (RFIs) and help prepare, update and maintain ITPs.

What’s an ITP?

An ITP is an inspection and test plan. It's a classic quality assurance and planning document that guides the construction team to achieve prescribed specifications in their work. It outlines things such as testing and materials requirements, hold points, and necessary documentation and checklists.

Why is quality assurance so important?

Having formal QA systems and processes in place gives everyone confidence that we’re delivering high quality stuff! A well-planned QA system is key to the whole delivery of our programme. It helps us to set work up and coordinate it in the right way, breaking it down to manageable chunks. It’s like, imagine you have clothes for all four seasons piled in a heap on the floor – tops, pants, jumpers, shorts. It’s really hard to find what you want to wear each day and life feels messy. QA is like building a customised wardrobe – a set up that breaks things down into packages and stores everything related to them in the right place. It makes designs easier to construct and brings order to all the work and people involved.

What do you enjoy most about working at Piritahi?

Working as one big team! Since joining late 2018 I’ve gotten to know dozens of people from all sorts of professional backgrounds. My own background is in China’s infrastructure industry and a lot of what is common practice there doesn’t apply here. But, being part of an alliance means I can simply discuss an issue with any one of the range of experts I'm surrounded by every day. I’ve learnt a lot! To me, it’s all about learning. I stay hungry and foolish in my quest to become a better version of myself.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I love to read. My favourite book is Shawshank Redemption AKA my 'bible'! Whenever I feel weak or need to decide whether to persevere with something, I’ll read this book.

After making the decision to move to New Zealand four years ago, there were countless challenges and uncertainties - before coming here I’d never even met a foreigner. I’ve since invested a lot of effort in my English and familiarising myself with New Zealand’s construction and infrastructure practices. During what has been a challenging transition, I’ve picked up Shawshank Redemption for inspiration many times.

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